At®, we custom tailor your communications equipment to fit your particular staff and facility needs. Our dedicated and experienced support staff will work with you to determine what high-quality audio technology best suits your work environment. We’ll also help you with your selection to make sure your staff communicates clearly and easily with one another, in every type of work environment.

No matter the audio package you choose, all® audio equipment includes the following special features: • Ready to use right out of the box • Rugged, durable, lightweight and portable, with no base station necessary • Talk range up to ¼ mile • Pre-programmed with 15 dedicated frequencies • Battery life and run times of 8-12+hours without recharging • Expert personal customer service and support  

SC-800 Compact Transceiver

SC-300 – Drop-In Single Charger

SC-370 - 6 UNIT Transceiver Multi Charger

MT-265 Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone

MT-255 Standard Speaker Microphone

SC-500 Earspeaker with adjustable compact Boom Microphone

SC-425 Earspeaker with In-Line Microphone

MT-350 Moderate Noise Behind-Head Headset

MT-370 Moderate to High Noise Over-Head Headset

MT-200 Hi-Noise Behind-Head Headset

MT-250 Max Noise/Behind-Head with Soft Vinyl Earpads

SC-305 Air Conduit Secret Service Microphone / Earpiece


MT-766 – Short Antenna

MT-205 – Lithium-Ion Battery

SC-99 – Sanitizing Station

PT-165 - Low Noise Single-Side Earspeaker

SC-650 - Leather Protective Case

SC-2000A / SC-3000A Staff Connect Storage Carry Cases

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